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Self massage tips for the healthy dancer
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As dancers it is so important to take care of our bodies, to enable us to have the longest career possible and for our everyday wellbeing. It would be wonderful to have the luxury of having a physiotherapist or a sports massage everyday after an intensive session in the studio. However, it is not always possible to have regular massages or treatment, especially for student dancers who are on a tight budget. So what can you do to limit expenditure but still look after your body? Read more…
A smoothie to help in the recovery after dancing
I do enjoy a good smoothie and they are a quick, tasty way to attain your 5 a day in one go! As a dancer they are great to have first thing in the morning or early evening.
Here is a simple delicious recipe that takes 3 minutes and will help to increase your nutritional intake and aid recovery from an intense day in the studio or after a performance. Read more…
The sleeping dancer
How much sleep do you have every night? Sleep is so fundamental to our everyday well being, which may seem an obvious statement but scientific research has discovered that the world is not having enough sleep. Read more…